Anti counterfeiting recognition skills of Ricoh 6210d printing powder

Since Ricoh company launched 6210d printing shop special powder, because of its mature and stable quality, as well as its high quality price, deeply sought after by the market. But as its popularity grows. In the market, some unscrupulous vendors are also rampant in counterfeiting, and all kinds of fake and inferior toners are used, such as shoddy ones, fake ones and fake ones, which seriously damage the interests of customers and their physical and mental health. In order to protect the vital interests of the majority of peers and customers, this article is specially designed, so that you can distinguish between genuine toner and high imitation counterfeit products from the appearance of the preliminary identification skills, so as to avoid being deceived and causing equipment and physical damage.


Ricoh 6210d printing powder

First, recognize Ricoh logo - Ricoh

True false identification 1

Laser anti-counterfeiting label


Website authentication security code


Attention, knock on the blackboard

Website of Ricoh:

? most of the anti-counterfeiting codes of high imitation and counterfeit goods are 18 digits, which have been inquired for many times;

A kind of : the original 6210d anti-counterfeiting code has been upgraded to 14 digits (digital and English combination)


Laser coding

1. Sequence and combination:

A kind of The first digit is the last digit of the year of production, the second digit is the letter D, followed by five random specific digits;

?: but the combination of high imitation counterfeit code numbers and English letters is irregular.

2. Font size and position:

Original 6210d printing powder encoding font size:

A kind of : different batch codes are different, the same batch codes are the same, but the handwriting size and position are slightly different;

The code of authentic product is printed by variable data printing equipment in the later stage, with thicker font and slightly oily mark.

M: as like as two peas, the fake imitation is the same as the printed font, and the font is the same as the genuine font. Exactly the same number.


Packaging and cutting line


A kind of The position of cutting line of 6210d printing powder is different;

?: high imitation and counterfeit goods are printed in a unified way, and the cutting lines are in a unified position.


Material difference

Under the microscope, the original toner particles are fine vs

Under the microscope, the fake carbon powder particles are rough

The harm of false carbon powder

Description: IMG_ 266 Description: picture 1.png

Hazard 1: poor electrification, large amount of waste powder, causing paper jam and actual use cost soaring;

Hazard 2: uneven melting, image easy to fall off, bad copy;

Harm 3: coarse particles, damage the machine, the gain is not worth the loss;

Hazard 4: odor, serious damage to health.

The benefits of using original consumables


1. Uniform particles to avoid scratching the drum

2. Excellent fusibility, clear and delicate image

3. Standard electrification to avoid powder leakage

4. Good stability, save maintenance cost, reduce the risk of downtime

5. Comply with environmental protection standards and maintain healthy office environment

Original packaging is not only original packaging - most people may think that it is unnecessary to buy original packaging when purchasing consumables. In fact, original packaging consumables are far more than "original packaging". It not only has better quality, but also is more economical and environmentally friendly.

We all know that technology is the guarantee of quality. For printing consumables, the smaller and more uniform the toner particles are, the better the printing quality is. This is because when matching with the developing roller, the smaller the toner, the easier it is to absorb the positive and negative electrons, and the stronger it is, so it can effectively improve the printing effect, which is absolutely not comparable to the compatible and counterfeit consumables.

The so-called cheap price: in terms of price, although it seems that non original consumables have certain advantages in the purchase price, in fact, the original consumables can better match the machine, protect the whole machine, extend the service life of the whole machine, and at the same time avoid the repair and update costs caused by improper use of consumables. This is why we need to "match a good horse with a good saddle". In addition, the nominal capacity of the non original consumables box usually has a lot of moisture, so the price of the original consumables is actually more realistic.

Harm to the body and equipment - for the purpose of profiteering of counterfeit products, the source of consumables is complex, and the quality and safety are greatly reduced, which leads to peculiar smell and great impact on health. And in the poor conditions of the workshop filling, all kinds of impurities inevitably mixed, resulting in a variety of equipment material life greatly reduced.

Things you don't know about toner

The seemingly ordinary bag of original consumables is a collection of excellent technology, advanced environmental protection concept and meticulous design of details. So: original consumables, far more than "original" so simple. In the end, counterfeiters can only imitate their appearance and never replace their inner quality. In fact, the technology of toner also represents the leading position of various manufacturers in the industry.

According to the evaluation standard of original technology and compatibility difficulty of toner, some organizations in the industry divide more than a dozen original manufacturers into three camps according to their "birth and lineage": the first camp is sharp, Toshiba, Matsushita, Samsung, brother, Oki, etc., who used to make household appliances; the second camp is HP, Lexmark and Kyocera, which are related to computers and semiconductor materials; the third camp is and Optical photography related Canon Ricoh comexerox. Generally speaking, the first camp has the lowest level of technology, and can only make printers or low-speed copiers. Their toner is the best, which is most impacted by the compatible market. In addition to optical photography technology, the third camp has mastered different original chemical production technologies in the process of the transformation from physical method to chemical method. They not only produce printers, but also produce products Copiers not only produce office copiers, but also produce high-speed and super high-speed production copiers. The highest technology of printing and copying from machine to toner is in the hands of these four machine manufacturers. So at present, this camp is the leader of this industry!

Theoretically speaking, Ricoh's PXP polyester toner is also the most suitable for making the most perfect toner, so from the perspective of its technological process and cost investment, it is by no means a simple copy of those small factories.

Identify authorized dealers with good brand reputation

Because there is a huge interest in counterfeiting, and the current counterfeiting technology is also changing with each passing day, resulting in the appearance of some fake consumables that can be confused. Therefore, another way to avoid buying fake goods is to identify the manufacturers with good reputation and big brands in the market and authorize dealers to buy them.